If you travel in and around Norfolk, we need your input!

Tell us if you agree with the vision for future transportation presented here.  We are asking for your feedback on several maps that represent the draft Multimodal System Plan for Norfolk. 

The Multimodal System Plan is the first step in envisioning a new future for the way we travel in and around Norfolk.  It’s a way of understanding how different transportation networks – bicycle, pedestrian, and transit – could work together and interconnect as a system.  This system-wide view of the City is the long-term vision for multimodal transportation in Norfolk. 
To learn more about what a Multimodal System Plan is, visit www.MultimodalNorfolk.com and watch the videos. 

A Multimodal System Plan is made up of layers of maps that show things like Multimodal Centers, Multimodal Districts, Multimodal Corridor Types, Transect Zones, and Modal Emphasis.  The questions in this survey explain these different layers and show them on maps. 
The maps in this survey show the whole city on one map. You can download more zoomed in maps of different areas of the City at MultimodalNorfolk.com, under the Multimodal Transportation Master Plan page.

The maps were developed through work sessions with a consultant project team and City staff, and are still in a draft stage.  Your input will help this team refine and finalize the maps and build toward the final Multimodal Plan. 

After you’ve taken this survey, visit MultimodalNorfolk.com to learn about the other pieces of the Multimodal Norfolk process, including the Transit System Redesign.