What is the CYC Encouragement Drive?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to do traditional community engagement events such as food and toy drives. Even with limitations, this is still the season of giving. So this year we are asking students and community members like you to give the gift of encouragement. 

This year we will be sending letters of encouragement to students across the state of Colorado who may be in need of extra support to stay in class. It is our hope that a few words of encouragement can get through this difficult school year and keeping them on track to graduate.

Here is what we need from you - a letter(s) typed/written from you focused on providing them with encouragement to keep focused on their education and dreams. 

We will provide you with the first name only and no other contact information. We will mail your letter to the student and you will not need to provide a stamp to send it to the students over the holidays. (though any stamp donations help) 

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* 1. If you are a Colorado high school student would you like to receive a letter(s) from the CYC Encouragement Drive? (Community Members move to question 2)

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* 2. Would you be willing to write a letter(s) to encourage high school students across Colorado in need of extra support to stay in class and on track to graduate?

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* 3. Can you have a letter(s) completed and sent to the CYC encouragement drive staff by 12/18/2020?

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* 4. Please provide the following information so we can connect with you to provide next steps.

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