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Complete and return the below FLOOD INSURANCE SURVEY and you will receive by mail a $5.00 Target Gift Card from Anderson & Murison and their flood insurance partner, American Bankers.

* 1. Do you currently quote flood insurance for all your clients to protect them against the devastating loss of floods?

* 2. If so, with which company(s)? Please provide the percentage of flood volume for each company and the commission percentage they pay for both new and renewal business.

* 3. Did you know that MUDFLOWS are considered flooding and is covered under a flood insurance policy not a property policy?

* 4. Do you need marketing material to help you sell flood insurance to your clients?

* 5. Would you be interested in using Anderson & Murison's Flood Service Center to quickly handle your flood insurance needs?

* 6. If you had a method to write flood insurance as easy as 1...2...3..., would you quote flood insurance on all your clients?

* 7. Do you think flood insurance should be offered to everyone of your clients?

If you answered no, you are opening your self to potential E&O exposure.

* 8. Do your current flood carrier(s) provide:

  Yes No
Flood Bulletins
Online Rating/Applications
Free Marketing Materials
Credit Card Payments
Free Flood Zone Determinations
CE Training Seminars
Excess Flood

* 9. Did you know all your property (personal and commercial lines) clients are eligible to purchase a flood policy to cover their building and contents (as long as the community participates in the NFIP)?

* 10. Please provide your contact information so we can help you with writing flood insurance for all your clients.