Comprehensive Youth Services' Annual Child Advocacy Awards were designed to recognize persons, organizations or groups who, over a significant period of time, have made an outstanding commitment to the health, welfare, education, and/or development of children and youth in Fresno County.

- A substantial and meaningful contribution must have been made over a period of time to the health, welfare, education, and/or development of children and youth.
- The contribution should be readily recognized by the nominee's peers as significant.
- The contribution may have been made in a paid or voluntary position.
- The work of the nominee will have been for the good of a significant number of children.

- Anyone may nominate an individual, organization or group for this award.
- The Nominator must complete his/her personal information to support the nomination.
- The nominations will be considered and decided upon by the CYS Board of Directors.


PAST RECIPIENTS:  Mike & Terry Aguilar, Dr. James Aldredge, Mark Allen, Maria Alvarez-Garcia, Ed Amundsen, Susan Anderson, Darius Assemi, Mary Ellen Basmarjian, Dr. Debra Bekerian, Frances Brannan, Det. Thomas Cantu, William & Virginia Cardinal, Lisa Casarez, David Chavez, Eliseo Cuellar, Jack Daniel, Mari Demera, Chief Jerry Dyer, Caroline Evans, Marlene Fansler, Hayley Field, Robert Folchi, Larry Fortune, Barbara Foster, Esther Franco, Polly Franson, Kaye Fredrickson, Kathleen Garabed, Tricia Gonzalez, Stephanie Grant, Bob Harris, Misty Her, Deby Hergenrader, Alfonso Hernandez, Howard Himes, Dr. Daryl Hitchcock, Mike Horn, Cathi Huerta, Dr. Philip Hyden, Lupe Jaime, Marcus Johnson, Dr. Cassandra Joubert, Phil Kader, Pam Kallsen, Marion Karian, Dr. Wayne Kodama, Dr. Karen Kraus, Karen Kroske, Kizzy Lopez, Rodney Lowery, Sam Lucido, LaTasha Marin, Beth Marney, Joe Martinez, Diane Mazzoni, Officer Steve Meyers, Dr. Edward Moreno, Dr. Suzanne Moreno, Delfino Neira, Roger Palomino, LeeAnn Parry, Pelco, Linda Penner, Henry Perea, Julia Picher, Floyd Poore, Nancy Pressley, Ken Quenzer, Nancy Richardson, Jeffery Robinson, Kendra Rogers, Dr. Mort Rosenstein, Dr. John Scholefield, Karen Spencer, Irene Takahashi, Laura Tanner-McBrien, Donna Taylor, Lucianna Ventresca, Corina Vera, Steve Weil, Hon. Denise Whitehead, Joan Wieselquist, Jean Williams, Maisie Young

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* 3. NOMINATION STATEMENT: Please state your reasons for nominating the person, organization or group. (HELPFUL HINT! You may wish to create your nomination statement in a separate document first and then "cut and paste" it into the box below, as you will not be able to reread the entire statement without scrolling. There is no limit on the number of words or characters that may be entered into the box.)