Follow up on Secure Messaging Survey

Have you used Klara, yet?

Pediatric Clinic is testing a new messaging technology for patient interactions.
Klara is a secure and HIPAA compliant messaging platform that uses a web based interface that allows patients to communicate directly with their healthcare provider's office.
There are two main ways patients and provider's office can access the system.
- The office can send a generic text notification to a cell phone that directs the patient to a web based link.
(For example - "Reminder of your appointment at 2:00 pm on Friday June 1, 2023 - Please click here to confirm, cancel or reschedule." or "Your child is due for their annual physical - Please contact our office to schedule")
- The patient may initiate contact via a web based link - accessible from our website at & Patients may opt in or out at any time.
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