Atlassian wants to know! We're partnering with Bay Area Girl Geek (BAGG) to host our first-ever joint evening event on November 14th. And we can't wait. Our panelists will discuss tips, tricks, and anecdotes on how women can take advantage of changes happening in the high tech world. They'll also offer insights on how modern girl geeks can apply these lessons to their own lives.

But first we need your help. Take our survey below and tell us: just how satisfied are you? We plan to publish the survey results and use your feedback to help guide our panel discussion. We want to know what's making your job work or not work for you? How do you handle change? Who's your favorite heroine today? In the end, we'll help you identify which female superhero best represents your work style – are you more of a Cat Woman or a Wonder Woman? An Athena or Glinda the Good Witch from the Land of Oz? C'mon, we know you're curious...

Note: All information will remain confidential and your survey results will remain anonymous. Results will be used for the Atlassian/BAGG panel discussion and marketing materials associated with the event.