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Beach Survey

Closing date Friday 19 August
Kingborough Council is currently considering options to best manage the erosion behind Tinderbox Beach and provide improved beach access.  We would like to learn more about how you use the reserve and your thoughts on the erosion issue.

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* 3. How often do you visit Tinderbox Beach?

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* 4. What activities do you most often do at the beach? Please select up to three.

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* 5. Which feature of the beach reserve is the most valuable to you? (Please rank)

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* 6. Are you part of a group that use the beach reserve? If so which group?

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* 7. If you are part of a group, which group are you part of?

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* 10. What do you think are the most important reasons for protecting the coast at Tinderbox Beach? Please rank the following statements

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* 11. Council is considering how to manage the shoreline erosion at Tinderbox Beach. There are three options being considered:

a. Managed retreat - allowing the erosion to continue. This would involve managing safe beach access points and moving the park furniture and playground inland as required. We anticipate that the existing trees behind the beach would be lost and new planting established.

b. Construct a temporary barrier – use sandbags or sand containers to prevent further erosion to the beach. This option holds the line for an estimated ten years and allows time for further investigation.

c. Hard armoring using rock – use rock to construct a barrier at the back of the beach to prevent further erosion. This solution is long term and may impact the level of sand on the beach over time. It requires design, approvals and budget allocation.

Of the tree options shown above, which do you prefer in ranking order?

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* 12. Do you have any further comments on the proposed management options?  

How you can stay informed about proposed management of beach erosion at Tinderbox.

We invite you to:
· Read updates on the project on Council’s website and Facebook page.
·  Subscribe to an email list to be kept informed about the shoreline erosion project at Tinderbox. 

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* 13. To subscribe, please fill in your email below

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