1. TLA Fall 08 Closing Survey

* 1. Your Name:

* 2. Your e-mail address:

* 3. Position:

* 4. What feature(s) of the TLA most benefited you individually this quarter and why?

* 5. Do you have any suggestion(s) for something to change/add/delete for next quarter? How do you think this change would help TLA dialogue?

* 6. Since two main strands have emerged around our BIG question this year, we are interested in how you would define these two words:

* 7. Besides next quarter's TLA participants, what other audience(s) do you recommend receive our findings from this quarter?

* 8. We are always looking to invite new people to participate in the TLA and we rely on your recommendations.

Do you have any colleagues (students/faculty/staff/administrators/community members) to recommend for participation in the TLA? If so, please indicate their names AND contact information (e-mail is preferred).

* 9. Will you be participating in TLA next quarter?

* 10. If so, please indicate the day and time you prefer.