1. Principal Evaluation - Parent - English

Spring 2011

Dear IAMS families,

The year-long process of annual principal evaluation is carried out during each of the four years of the principal’s contract. Its key purposes are to monitor the principal’s performance, to advise and assist the principal as he or she carries out key duties during the year, and to take stock of the principal’s performance at the end of the year, in part as the basis for future planning.

To perform a comprehensive evaluation, your input is requested regarding the performance of Principal Vallez at IAMS. Please complete the survey below and return to the school on or before April 7, 2012. The IAMS LSC will take the results of this survey under advisement when completing the second year evaluation. Your answers are strictly confidential.

We appreciate your sincere response and thank you for your time.

Jose Torres
LSC parent representative and chair,
Principal evaluation committee

* 1. I have children in the following grades (Check all that apply)

* 2. In total, how many years have you been a parent or guardian at IAMS?

* 3. What language is spoken most frequently at your home?

Rate the questions below on a scale of 1 to 4 (see below). If a question is not relevant to your role at the school, or you don’t have enough information to answer, select NA (Not Applicable).

RATING scale
1 = Rarely (almost never)
2 = Occasionally (every now and then)
3 = Often (usually)
4 = Most of the time (Almost always)

* 4. Parent involvement and community partnerships

  Rarely (almost never) Occasionally (every now and then) Often (Usually) Most of the time (almost always) N/A
The principal creates programs that address parent needs
The principal encourages teachers to regularly communicate and meet with parents about classroom expectations, activities, student progress and suggestions for improvement
The principal communicates regularly to parents what is happening at school
The principal facilitates parent involvement at the school.

* 5. School leadership

  Rarely (almost never) Occasionally (every now and then) Often (usually) Most of the time (almost always) N/A
The principal develops the school vision with stakeholders (for example: LSC, parents, staff, community members).
The principal fosters optimal learning environments for second language acquisition.
The principal communicates, implements and enforces policies and procedures, school rights and responsibilities, consistently and responsibly to help ensure an environment that is safe, stable and conducive to learning and their families.
The principal ensures children with special needs get timely and appropriate support.

* 6. School management and daily operations

  Rarely (almost never) Occasionally (every now and then) Often (usually) Most of the time (almost always) N/A
The principal maintains high standards and acts to ensure a clean school
The principal maintains fair and consistent discipline procedures to encourage positive student behavior
The principal creates effective partnerships with community organizations and businesses and effectively solicits support from these groups

* 7. Communication & interpersonal effectiveness

  Rarely (almost never) Occasionally (every now and then) Often (usually) Most of the time (almost always) N/A
The principal is accessible to parents with specific issues and works with parents to find balanced and timely solutions.
The principal confronts and addresses problems and effectively responds to parent concerns in a timely manner.
The principal motivates and inspires students and parents to contribute to the total success of the school.
The principal uses ongoing written and oral communication to effectively communicate with different groups about school learning activities and student achievement, among other topics.

* 8. If you feel the principal has any strengths or weaknesses that are not captured by this survey, please describe.