1. Consent Form


You are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Professor Esther Greenglass and her colleagues from the psychology department at York University. The purpose of this study is to examine the different ways that people perceive themselves and their reactions to daily events including economic ones. We ask that you complete a questionnaire that will take approximately thirty minutes.Your participation in this study provides you with an opportunity to reflect on some of your current and past experiences. Completion of the questionnaire is voluntary and you may end your participation at any time without penalty. The questionnaire is completely anonymous. All data and research materials we collect will be securely stored by the researchers for a period of five years, after which it will be destroyed to protect your anonymity. In our research papers, information you and other participants provide will be put into numbers, pooled, and statistically analyzed by computer. No identifying information will be used in reporting these results. Your decision to not participate, to withdraw from the study or to refuse to answer any particular questions, will not affect your relationship with the researchers, York University or any other group associated with this project. In the event you decide to withdraw from the study, all associated data collected will be immediately destroyed where possible. Confidentiality will be provided to the fullest extent possibly by law.

While the risks involved are minimal, you could potentially experience some kind of emotional distress when answering some of the questions. If any of the materials in this study remind you of difficult personal issues that you would like to discuss, you should contact your health care provider for assistance.

This research has been reviewed and approved by the Human Participants Research Committee, York University’s Ethics Review Board, and conforms to the standards of Canada’s Tri-Council Research Ethics guidelines. If you have any questions about this process or about your rights as a participant, please contact Ms. Alison Collins, Manager, Office of Research Ethics, 5th Floor, York Research Tower, York University, by phone (416-736 5837) or e-mail (acollins@yorku.ca).

If you have any further questions about the study or if you wish to know the results, please feel free to contact the principal investigator, Dr. Esther Greenglass, by e-mail at estherg@yorku.ca.

By clicking Next, you consent to participate in this study and understand the nature of this project. The consent form will be stored separately from the questionnaire to protect your anonymity.