Ontario Neighborhood Planning would like to encourage people who live in the City to tell us why you like your neighborhood and identify things that make it special. We would also like to hear your questions or concerns, so that we can assist you, or refer you to the appropriate individual or departments.

* 1. First, we would like to hear three (3) things that you like about your neighborhood:

* 2. How would you rate the quality of the following items in your neighborhood?

  Very Good Good No Opinion Not Very Good Very Bad/Terrible
Close to work
Close to family/friends
Close to elementary/middle/high schools
Close to shopping/services
Close to parks and open space
Close to public transportation
Close to medical care

* 3. Please rate how safe you feel in your neighborhood

  Very Safe Somewhat Safe No Opinion Somewhat Unsafe Very Unsafe
In your neighborhood during the day
In your neighborhood after dark