Thank you for joining us for the 2017 FirstNet State Plan Kickoff Meeting. We hope it was informative and all your questions were answered. In an effort to provide the best experience in the future, we invite you to provide feedback on the event.

* 1. Please provide:

* 2. The level of detail on the solution and plan process was:

* 3. Has a follow up meeting been scheduled with FirstNet to review State Plans once they are released?

* 4. Please rate the delivered content and speakership.

* 5. Please rate the meeting logistics and location.

* 6. Please rate the overall 2017 FirstNet State Plan Kickoff Meeting.

* 7. How well did this meeting prepare you for FirstNet discussions with your governor and state/territory?

* 8. What additional information can FirstNet and AT&T provide to assist in conversations with your governor and state/territory?

* 9. What feedback do you have on the plan process as it's been described?

* 10. What other information could we provide that would aid in the conversation with your governor?

* 11. What new feedback do you have about the partnership between FirstNet and AT&T after attending this event?

* 12. Additional Comments: