Thank you for agreeing to provide your input about the technologies of the future!

This survey is meant to serve as the basis for a review of future technologies and their applications. We hope that by filling the survey, a better glimpse of the future will be gained. The results of the review will be shared with the public as a whole, and will be sent to the respondents as well.

Since the survey maps many different kinds of technologies, you will almost certainly be asked to answer questions in fields in which you have no expertise. Please do not hesitate to provide your best estimates for these questions, as long as you mark your appropriate level of expertise of the subject in the Expertise Rank preceding each field. Nonetheless, if you feel that you have absolutely no knowledge or intuition regarding the answer to one of the questions, feel free not to answer that one, and move on to the next!

Please note that the survey is completely anonymous and that we will not make any connection between your name and your answers, unless you specifically ask us to do otherwise.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Roey Tzezana from the Unit for Technology and Society Foresight, at

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