Reimagining the Game's Pipeline

Thank you for participating in our inaugural Future of Sports event, "Future of Football: Reimagining the Game's Pipeline." We are interested in your thoughts on the question: What if flag – not tackle – was the standard way of playing football until high school? Please share your perspectives below. Your comments will help inform our final report. Note that in select cases, we may cite your name, title and affiliation. 

* 1. Tell us who you are

* 2. How did you participate in our Future of Football event?

* 3. At what age, if at all, do you think tackle football should be introduced to youth?

* 4. Why that age?

* 5. What is your thought on flag football as a preferred alternative until high school?

* 6. If flag football were to become the standard way of playing the game until high school, what do you see as the implications on the following?

* 7. Which scenario do you think is most likely to unfold by the year 2030, as research, policy, law and other factors evolve?

* 8. Rank, in order, the groups that bear the most responsibility of leadership in evolving the game of youth football (through age 14)?

* 9. If flag becomes the standard way of playing the game until  high school ...

* 10. Any other comments?