The global search for Ghana's Top 30 Under 30 Pioneering talent & leaders

Nominations Close 9th December 2016
Nominee: This is the young person being nominated
Nominator: This is the individual nominating the young person
* N.B. If you are eligible you can self nominate

1. Aged 30 years or younger (as of 6th March 2017)

2. Be Ghanaian (born in Ghana or Ghanaian through birth, via a parent(s) or grandparent(s))

3. Please use the following characteristics as a guide when explaining your reasons for nomination:
- Motivational: Someone who helps to get the best out of others and themselves
- Visionary: Someone who has a desired future outlook of a product or service they wish to or are a part of providing
- Role Model: Someone people look up to. A person who inspires others as a result of something they have done or are doing
- Social Influence/Impact: Someone who as a result of what they do/have done, have a positive of influence within a community
- Ambitious: Someone who has demonstrated the will to succeed and/or shown a willingness to learn, especially from failures
- Communication Skills: Someone who demonstrates their ability to listen to others and as a result helps find solutions to problems for individuals/groups & communities

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We value and thank you for taking the time to nominate the nominee.
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