SIFF is looking for young adult film lovers with great ideas for film events and programming they want to see put into action. The SIFF FutureWave Committee is intended for young adults ages 15-20 with an interest in the Seattle film community. We expect the Committee to be comprised of approximately 15 young adults who are representative of the Seattle Metro area.

What does the committee do? As a member of the Committee, you will help to organize (programming, event planning, and marketing) interesting and exciting film events for teens and young adults with SIFF - Seattle International Film Festival (May/June 2014), SIFF Cinema, and the SIFF Film Center.

What is the benefit of serving on the Committee? Besides actively enhancing offerings for young adults in the film community, members of the Committee will receive a complimentary SIFF FutureWave Membership (one year), a Year-Round Pass to SIFF Cinema, and a Full Series Pass to the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival with a total value of over $1200. This is also a tremendous opportunity for resume building and networking with other film enthusiasts.

How much time is involved and when does it meet? FutureWave Committee Members should expect approximately 10-15 hours a month of work (September through June) related to FutureWave Committee initiatives. Starting in early September, the SIFF FutureWave Committee meets twice monthly on Sunday evenings from 5:00-7:00 pm. Meetings will be held at the SIFF Film Center on the Seattle Center Campus. Please check your calendars for regular Sunday conflicts. Attendance is extremely important at these meetings and committee members who have issues with regular attendance may be asked to step down.

If you have any questions, please e-mail or call 206.315.0663. Applications are due in the SIFF office (FutureWave Committee Applications, 305 Harrison St., Seattle, WA 98109) on Friday, June 14. We look forward to replying to all applicants by June 25.

* 1. First and Last Name:

* 2. Age:

* 3. School (if attending):

* 4. Complete Mailing Address (Street Address, Town, and Zip Code.

* 5. Contact Phone:

* 6. Contact Email:

* 7. (If under 18) Parent Name:

* 8. Parent Phone:

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* 10. Where did you hear about the SIFF FutureWave Committee?

* 11. Indicate primary area of interest:

* 12. 1) Briefly describe your involvement with SIFF and/or the Seattle film community (NFFTY, NWFF, 911 Media Arts, school media class, etc.), as well as your involvement with other school or community groups or committees. Do you feel confident that you could commit enough time to the FutureWave Committee with regard to other school and community commitments you currently have?

* 13. 2) Thinking within the primary interest areas of Programming, Publicity, or Outreach, describe two ideas you would bring to the FutureWave Committee to engage more young adults in SIFF year round.

* 14. 3) Please tell us a little about yourself, share a few of your favorite films, and briefly explain why you are perfect for the FutureWave Committee.

4) Thank you for your application. One additional question may be emailed to you using the email you provided (so please make sure it is correct and monitored regularly). Please add to your contacts and be ready to check your email and respond!