General feedback

Your feedback is highly valued so please take just 5 minutes to ensure that Future Energy Nigeria continues to deliver the best power and energy event in Nigeria.

* 1. First, tell us a little more about yourself:

* 2. How would you rate the following features of the exhibition:

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Features on exhibition
Number of exhibitors
Number of international exhibitors
Diversity of the exhibiting companies
Level of innovations and new products / service on display
Value of contacts made

* 3. What would be the most important improvement for Future Energy Nigeria that would make visiting this event more
attractive to you?

* 4. How many exhibitors did you speak with at the event?

* 5. How likely is it that you will do business with one or more of the exhibitors you’ve had your first contact with at the show?

* 6. Did you miss specific companies at the event?

* 7. Did you miss products or services at the event?

* 8. Has the show improved?

* 9. What were your main reasons for visiting?

* 10. Are you responsible for the purchasing of products or services exhibited at Future Energy Nigeria?

* 11. Does your company / organisation plan to purchase?

* 12. Did you purchase or order anything at Future Energy Nigeria or did you request for quotations or did you make appointments with regard to future business?

* 13. How satisfied are you with:

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Atmosphere of the event
The venue
Registration process/ badge collection
Organisation of the event
Signage to the venue
Signage in the venue
Event layout

* 14. Which of our advertising have you seen?

* 15. Which newspapers do you frequently read?

* 16. Which television stations do watch?

* 17. Which social media platforms do you use?

* 18. How would you describe Future Energy Nigeria? "Future Energy Nigeria is..." 

* 19. Finally, please feel free to make any other suggestions or remarks regarding your visit that can be of value for the organiser of Future Energy Nigeria.