* 1. OK, we hope you’re super excited about the Congress. What’s the #1 thing you are MOST excited about learning or achieving there?

* 2. To help you more effectively, we’d love to know more about the biggest concerns and opportunities you see right now. For each of the following, please tell us whether it describes you totally, describes you well, describes you somewhat, or doesn’t describe you at all.

  Describes me totally Describes me well Describes me somewhat Doesn’t describe me at all
You wish you could get better grades
You are concerned because you don’t know what career path to take
You want to do better on standardized tests, such as the ACT or SAT
You have trouble staying focused in class
You need to learn strategies to combat procrastination
You struggle to manage your time effectively
You aren’t sure how to choose the right college
You’re concerned about getting into the right college
You need to find financial support to pay for college, such as scholarships or loans
You sometimes struggle with feeling down, nervous, or anxious
You sometimes struggle to cope with stress
You wish you could be involved in more extracurricular activities
You feel competition from your peers or classmates
You have trouble applying yourself to things you don’t find interesting
You would like to become a better leader
You’d like to know how to deal with failure more effectively
You’d like to feel more confident
You’d like help knowing what opportunities to take and which ones NOT to take
You wish you had more opportunities
You feel you can talk with your parent(s) about anything
You struggle with family problems or challenges

* 3. Is there anything else that you are concerned about or focused on that wasn’t on the list above? If so, please tell us about it.

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