About the FutureAgency survey

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Are you a brand or a business who hires marketing and advertising agencies to work for you?
[I use "advertising agency" to include any marketing discipline - PR, direct mail, sales promotion, digital marketing, advertising, sponsorship, market research, lobbying].

I am writing a book "The Creative Agency of the Future" about how the industry is changing.

I’m keen to learn from people like you who are spending money hiring agencies to do marketing work.

These questions are about your work with agencies. In the book, this will be reflected in chapters relating to brands and businesses who use ad agencies.
- What is changing about how you work together?
- Is your business with agencies changing?
- What would be your IDEAL working relationship with an agency?

My focus is on how things have changed in the recent past. I hope that other brands and businesses can learn from your experiences; the issues you faced and overcame.

The survey will take you 10-15 minutes.
Everyone who shares their contact details will get a free copy of the book.


P.S. This survey is for client brands. If you are an agency owner or manager - please take the agency survey at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/futureagency