Thank you for choosing Black Bear Diner for your next fundraiser.

Things to Know Before You Begin
  • The participating diner you choose below will donate 10% of sales from your scheduled event time to your organization. This includes sales from dining in and online orders.
  • You will be notified by email when your date has been confirmed with the specified diner.
  • We will provide a promotional flyer and social media graphic approximately three weeks before your event.
  • We will share your event on our local Facebook page the week before your event.
What We Ask From You
Make a visible effort to promote your event using the provided materials as well as through your own newsletters, social media accounts and other available channels. 

Please complete and submit this form thirty (30) days before your preferred event date. 

If your preferred diner is not listed here, please contact that diner directly.

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* 3. If yes, in what month and year did you hold your last event?

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* 5. How would you like the name of your group to appear on the promotional items? 

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* 6. Please tell us about you and your organization.

Our fundraiser events are typically held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings, from 4pm - 8pm. Please select your desired dates. Note: Selecting these dates does not guarantee the date. We will contact you to secure the date.

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* 8. Please list why your organization is trying to raise money. Include who or what it will support. (We will use parts of this description on the promotional items.)

We will provide a flyer in pdf format for you to print and a social media graphic in jpg  to promote your event.
Thank you. We will be in touch with you by email within five business days. If you have questions, please contact Denise Johnson at or 530.243.2327.