2017-2018 Fun with Math & Science Application

Fun with Math & Science programs involve preschool aged children and their parents in learning about the early math and science skills. Parents and their children attend a Fun with Math & Science program and explore through fun activities, projects, and books. Parents receive a STEM book to take home and use with their child. Libraries receive hardcover nonfiction books, a variety of STEAM tools, and promotional information. These materials are available from the Read to Me program at no cost to your public library. Workshop guides and training are also available from the Read to Me program.

This program is only available to public libraries in Idaho

* 1. Contact Information:

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* 3. Will you be hosting your workshops at your library or offsite?

* 4. Approximately how many families do you hope to reach at your Fun with Math & Science programs?

* 5. Please describe your plan for reaching families.

* 6. When do you anticipate holding your programs?

* 7. Please share any other information you feel the Commission should know about your program.

Once you hit the "Done" button, you will have successfully submitted your application. Tammy Hawley-House will be your ICfL contact for this program and will contact you to arrange delivery of materials.