Welcome to the Commercial Buildings Survey!

Thank you for participating in this brief survey sponsored by the California Energy Commission! Your responses will help improve understanding of the sources and magnitude of unintentional gas leaks (i.e., fugitive gas emission) in California.

Free Onsite Inspections: This program is also offering free on-site inspections to detect wasted gas on your property and reduce your fuel costs, while also gathering valuable data to help state-wide environmental protection efforts. You can sign-up for a free inspection at the end of the questionnaire or by writing to CommercialBuildingsSurvey@icf.com.

Target Respondents: The target respondents for this survey include both building/facility managers and business operators who can provide data on building characteristics and natural gas usage in commercial buildings in California. If you manage/operate multiple buildings, you can either complete the survey for each of those buildings or contact CommercialBuildingsSurvey@icf.com to receive an alternate Excel-based tool for reporting data on multiple buildings.

If you have the needed building and gas usage information at your fingertips, the 15 short questions below should take only 5 minutes to complete. Please be aware that your progress on the survey is not saved until you click “Submit” at the end of the survey, so please gather your gas usage information before starting.

Survey responses will remain confidential, and all data collected will be aggregated with those from many other respondents to further protect confidentiality. Please contact CommercialBuildingsSurvey@icf.com or check out our FAQ if you have any questions.

Thank you for your contribution to this important study, and for helping to reduce emissions from California’s commercial sector!

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* 1. What is the address of the building for which you are completing this survey?

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* 2. Does this building house a single business/tenant or multiple businesses/tenants?

Some respondents are individual business owners/operators, while others are building owners/managers of larger buildings with multiple tenants. If you are a business operator/owner, please respond specifically about your business operations at the address you entered above. If you manage the entire building at the address listed above, please think about the entire building when responding, even if it includes multiple businesses.

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* 3. For this survey, are you providing data on the entire building, or only one portion/unit of the building?

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* 4. What is the main type of activity in the building area that you are providing data for? (i.e., If you are a business operator, what is your business type? If you are the manager of a multi-tenant building, what is the primary use type in the entire building?)

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* 5. For which of the following purposes is natural gas used in this building? (check all that apply)