* 1. Do you currently read the Friends of the Court newsletter?

* 2. How likely would you be to read Friends of the Court if it were only available in electronic format?

* 3. How helpful is Friends of the Court in letting you know what is going on in the state's courts?

* 4. How interested would you be in reading the following in the newsletter?

  Very interested Somewhat interested Neutral Not interested
Stories and updates about court and court-related employees, courthouses, and programs throughout the state
New faces in the judiciary
Court calendar
Articles on awards, honors, and employee milestones
Columns on different topics (internet security, cultural awareness, stress-reduction, etc.)
Arkansas Court Automation Program updates
Specialty court news (drug, veteran, mental health, e.g.)
Articles about AOC services and divisions

* 5. What is your relationship to the state court system?

* 6. Please list any ideas or suggestions you have to make Friends of the Court more interesting to you and that would make you more likely to read it.