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Consent for Participation in Research

 I volunteer to participate in a research project conducted by Sarah Noll Wilson from Sarah Noll Wilson, Inc. I understand that the project is designed to gather information about topics related to relationships and conflict in the workplace. This research will be used to inform Sarah’s future writing, workshops, and presentations.

1. My participation in this project is voluntary. I understand that I will not be paid or otherwise externally compensated in any way for my participation. I may withdraw and discontinue participation at any time without penalty. Participation in this interview is confidential. 

2. I understand that most participants will find the discussion interesting and thought-provoking. If, however, I feel uncomfortable in any way, I have the right to decline. 

3. Participation involves answering survey questions which will be analyzed by Sarah Noll Wilson and team.

4. I understand that Sarah Noll Wilson will not identify me by name in any reports using information obtained from this interview, and that my confidentiality as a participant in this study will remain secure. Subsequent uses of records and data will be subject to standard data use policies which protect the anonymity of individuals and institutions. I will give guidance as to my preferred pseudonym if I have a strong preference.

5. The risk of participation is extremely minimal, but the survey may require participants to discuss stressful work situations that could cause feelings of stress to reemerge.

7. I have read and understand the explanation provided to me. I have had all my questions answered to my satisfaction, and I voluntarily agree to participate in this study. By clicking next I am consenting to participating in this study.