My KDP Select Free Promo Experience

When completing the survey please pick one book and one instance when you offered that book for free.

Please Note:
- Your individual responses will remain anonymous.
- We will be providing a public report on the aggregated data from this survey.
- All survey participants who provide their email address (at the end of this survey) will receive a free copy of the report.

If you have multiple books or if you have offered the same book free multiple times, you can come back and fill out additional surveys for those books and instances if you would like.

* 1. What is the title of the book you offered for free?

* 2. What genre is the book you offered for free?

* 3. How much does your ebook regularly sell for?

* 4. How many days did you offer your book free?

* 5. How many free downloads did your book get during your promotion period?

* 6. What was the highest rank you reached in the Kindle store?

* 7. How many books did you sell the week BEFORE the free promotion ?

* 8. How many books did you sell the week AFTER the free promotion ?