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This booking form is to attend a FREE (donated) opportunity to attend a 2 hour, virtual masterclass to build your understanding of domestic family and sexualised violence (DFSV).

Session Structure and Content: The virtual session will introduce Foundations and Foundations Applied (including Q&A with Insight Exchange team).

Foundations (45 minutes)
What is domestic, family and sexualised violence? 
How prevalent is domestic, family and sexualised violence?
The use of violence and abuse is social, interactional and takes place in a broader context
Six key Foundational Ideas - Meaning | Dignity | Deliberation | Resistance to Violence | Responses | Language

Q&A with Insight Exchange panel (15 minutes)

Foundations Applied (40 minutes)
Lived experience examples and insights
Responses and Resources
A. Patterns of support seeking in relation to domestic and family violence.
B. Every response matters. Every time. Any role.
C. Being safe is no simple or single decision or task.
D. The use of control, abuse and violence is a choice.
Who benefits? Who decides?
Q&A with Insight Exchange panel (20 minutes)

The content has been developed by international and local subject matter experts and people with lived experience. The material contains examples of violence and abuse. It also contains artwork, animation and is supported by Auslan sign language.

Insight Exchange has been developed over time with international and local content experts and lived-experience expertise. Insight Exchange gives particular thanks to the Centre for Response-Based Practice, to the individual donors who make this work possible, and most significantly to the people who have shared their lived-experience insights for the benefit of many.

While Insight Exchange fully supports lifelong learning via Continuous Professional Development (CPD), we don’t provide individual evidence of attendance. 

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