Young adults, age 18 to 22, currently or formerly in care may be eligible for some assistance due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This assistance is designed to assist with removing barriers young adults may have faced due to the pandemic.

Completing this survey does not mean that you are guaranteed to receive funds.  The information you provide will assist MDHHS with confirming your current or former foster care case status to determine your eligibility.  You will be notified by a MDHHS staff whether you are eligible.  If eligible, a MDHHS staff from the county office will be in contact with you to further discuss what options you have.  NOTE:  your application, via completing this survey, will be reviewed and processed over the next month or two.

Thank you, in advance, for completing this survey and providing your information.

Question Title

* 1. Were you in foster care AFTER your 14th birthday?

17% of survey complete.