Fort Polk Progress will host an Education Symposium March 27, 2014 to inform the general public about a number of issues concerning Vernon Parish schools, including educational rankings, Common Core State Standards and tools and technology available for teachers, parents and students.

The following questionnaire is designed to gather information from parents about their educational concerns so that we can most efficiently address what matters to parents at the Symposium. The information gathered here will be used to create informative break-out sessions at the March 27 Education Symposium.

We appreciate your time in completing the survey and encourage you to share it with others in the parish who are concerned about education.

We also encourage you to make plans to attend the Education Symposium at 9 a.m. March 27, 2014 at the Bayou Theater at Fort Polk. For more information on the Fort Polk Progress Education Initiative or the Symposium, visit

* 1. Please describe yourself:

* 2. Which grades are your children in? Check all that apply.

* 3. Where do your children attend school? Check all that apply.

* 4. What are your educational concerns? Check all that apply in the order of their importance with 1 being most important.

* 5. Do you have educational concerns not listed in the above question? If so, please explain and indicate their level of importance to you.

* 6. If you could choose an educational topic to be more informed about where it concerns your children, what would it be?