General Vehicle Use

In 2018, the City of Fort Collins is developing an Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Roadmap to prepare for current and future EV adoption in the community. The Roadmap will establish a vision, goals, and clearly defined roles for City of Fort Collins Departments, the private sector, and the Fort Collins community. This survey is intended to gather input from community members to inform development of the roadmap.

* 1. Do you drive a vehicle, regardless of whether it is for work or personal use?

* 2. How many miles do you drive round-trip on a typical week day (ONE day between Monday and Friday)? Please consider activities such as driving to work, running errands, dropping children at school, or taking children to after-school activities.

* 3. Over the next 12 months, how many trips over 100 miles will you drive? Driving from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs would be a trip that is over 100 miles.