Day of week, Field size, amount of players, game locations

Thank you for taking this quick survey and providing your opinions on our current format and potential desired changes you may like to see.  Your responses are anonymous and if you are taking for Dibs Credit, please include your athlete's name and your name in the last textboxes.  Thank you again for your participation in advance.

* 1. Do you like the current playing format at BSSL (1-2 practices a week, games on Saturday Mornings)?

  Yes Yes but (insert comments in box) No
Amount of practice is sufficient
Games on Saturday mornings are sufficient

* 2. Would you like to see more smaller-sided divisions (4v4, 5v5, 6v6, etc.with smaller goals)

* 3. How do you feel about BSSL games during the week?

* 4. What age groups do you support playing throughout the week?

  Games on Weeknights Games on Saturday Mornings Combination of games, half weeknights and half Saturday mornings

* 5. If one of the above divisions (U19, U14, U8, or U6 played during the week, what night do you prefer?

* 6. What do you think about games at both Hawes and Kelley Myers parks?

* 7. How do you feel about concessions at the games?

* 8. How do you feel about reduced volunteer requirements (no golf cart, no concessions, etc.) with games at Hawes Park?

* 9. How do you feel about playing against other recreational soccer organizations (RYSL, AYSO, etc) with some games at their locations?

* 10. Do you think Bruce Samlan should be divided into 2 separate groups (Advanced players and Intermediate/Beginning Players) at older age groups?