Welcome to the National Organics Recycling Terminology Survey!

Thank you for your input and help in making our waste diversion programs better! We want to get a better understanding of what terminology is being used across the U.S. for composting/organics recycling programs for residents.

Like many cities, the Twin Cities Metro Area (Minneapolis-St. Paul) is trying to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills, which includes food and compostable products. As you may know, educating about composting/organics recycling can be challenging. Your survey results and upcoming residential focus groups will guide us in future program education and outreach.

Results will be shared through BioCycle and/or using contact information you provide. Hopefully, the findings will help you communicate your programs too.

This survey should take 10 minutes to complete. Please contact Jenny Kedward, 952-891-7043,
Jennifer.kedward@co.dakota.mn.us for any questions about the survey or to request a copy of the results.