May 16-18, 2017 - Chesapeake Bay & Baltimore

Are you interested in learning more about the local, national, and global practices and issues of the food industry? Would you like to hear about the variety of careers in the industry, such as business, government policy, science, environmental impact, and more? Apply to be a part of this career immersion trip where we will learn about the inner-workings of food companies along the Chesapeake Bay & in Baltimore, like Domino's Sugar and Pompeian Oil, as well as how they contribute to industry practices and global food supply.

* 1. Name & Class Year

* 2. Contact Information

* 3. Emergency Contact Information

* 4. What do you already know (if anything) about the food industry? What do you hope to learn from this trip?

* 5. What are your career goals at this point? These can be vague or specific but are helpful for the employers you will meet on the trip.

* 6. What activities are you involved in on campus? Anything that deals with food-related or food justice issues is particularly helpful for us to know.

* 7. Describe how you will represent Gettysburg College on this career immersion trip. Please keep in mind that there will be a small number of assigned readings and required preparation sessions prior to May. Will you have the time and interest to be an active participant?

* 8. Have you participated in any Career Development programs before?

* 9. There will be a $300 fee for this trip, which includes transportation, lodging, and most food. We have limited funds to defray student costs. Do you need financial assistance?

* 10. Will you be able to go on the trip if you do not receive assistance?