The Economic Blueprint will be a guiding document for land use, budget and policy development for the next five to ten years to ensure economic prosperity and sustainability in Morgan Hill.  Your candid feedback and participation in answering these questions will help shape the Economic Blueprint.

If you have further questions or would like additional information please contact or 408-310-4652.

Thank you for time and input.

Morgan Hill Economic Development

* 1. What is the single most significant action the city could take to ensure economic prosperity?

* 2. Name up to five things you think are working in Morgan Hill and/or moving in the right direction.

* 3. Name up to five things you think are NOT working in Morgan Hill and/or moving in the wrong direction.

* 4. What is the best thing the City could do to make it attractive for companies to locate here or for people to invest in Morgan Hill?

* 5. As you think about the next five, what should Morgan Hill prioritize to retain an attractive location for workforce talent?

* 6. What should the city do to make the industrial parks more attractive and/or attract industrial and R&D businesses?

* 7. What should be Morgan Hill's retail strategy? What is the best way to bring life to existing retail centers and help execute second phases?

* 8. What should be our vision for Monterey Road?

* 9. How can Morgan Hill market and promote itself as a tourism destination? What are elements that would really elevate the region in the next ten years?

* 10. What is the best thing Morgan Hill can do to cement its vision for tourism as well and support our local companies' lodging needs?

* 11. How do you envision Downtown in the next ten years? What are the best investments and/or improvements the city can make to ensure this vision?

* 12. Any other input you’d like to provide the City as we develop Morgan Hill’s Economic Blueprint?

* 13. Other Comments/Feedback?