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The Fluids Education Lunch Workshop will be held Monday, November 21, 12:50 PM - 1:50 PM, in the Hyatt Regency Baltimore. To register, please fill in the name and address information below.
IF YOU REGISTER BEFORE 11/10/11, there will be a box lunch waiting for you. If not, you are very welcome to attend regardless of registration, but your lunch won't be guaranteed. If you have topics to suggest for discussion, there is room below.

* 1. Please fill out the following information:

* 2. We will provide 'Table Topics' for discussion, but is there any Fluids Education issue you would like to bring up?

Thank you!
Workshop Organizers
Jean Hertzberg, University of Colorado, Boulder
Karen Flack, US Naval Academy
Evan Variano, University of California, Berkeley