* 1. How frequently do you visit the Garden

* 2. If you've visited before, in what capacity have you visited the Garden? If this is your first visit, how might you use the Garden in future visits? (check all that apply)

* 3. How did you hear about Flower Piano? (Check all that apply)

* 4. What aspect of Flower Piano did you value the most?

  Least valued Most valued N/A
Playing the piano/s for personal enjoyment
Playing the piano/s for the enjoyment of others
Playing alongside friends
Playing alongside others (strangers)
Listening to others play piano (scheduled performances)
Listening to others play piano (unscheduled performances / free play)
Social time with friends/family 
Exploring the Garden while moving from piano to piano
Interactions with staff and volunteers

* 5. How much time did you spend at the Garden?

* 6. How many pianos did you visit during your time in the Garden?

* 7. We would love to know the impact Flower Piano had on you. Please reflect on how the experience made you feel and complete the following sentence. "During my visit to the Garden during Flower Piano, I felt..."

* 8. Let us know how Flower Piano 2017 could have been better or if you loved it tell us why!

* 9. A goal of Flower Piano is to provide free access to art and creative space for an audience reflective of the diversity of San Francisco. Please help us know how we are doing be answering the following questions about race and/or ethnicity. You may select as many responses as apply. Responses are are confidential.

* 10. Have you heard of these programs, events, and plant collection themes? (Check all that apply)

* 11. Are you a member of San Francisco Botanical Garden Society?

* 12. Thank you for participating in this survey! To be entered to win a Flower Piano Prize Pack including a Flower Piano tee-shirt, stainless steel SFBG pint cup, and more, please share your information with us below.