FMS and FlowTracker Analytics invite you to participate in the following short survey to study sales performance measurement and management practices in financial institutions. As a special thank you, everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a random drawing for a $25 Starbucks gift card. All participants will receive a link to a complimentary synopsis of the survey results, along with a link to a complimentary webinar reviewing the results. Please note that all participants will remain confidential during our analysis of survey results, and that all responses and contact information will remain private. 

About FMS
For nearly 70 years, FMS has thrived as a membership organization for finance and accounting professionals. Today, with a strong emphasis on first-class education and community-building, FMS continues to serve close to 1,600 professional members from community banks, thrifts, credit unions and vendor partners from across the country. Visit us at 

About FlowTracker Analytics
FlowTracker Analytics enables banks and credit unions to improve sales, marketing and finance effectiveness by as much as 30% using account-level customer behavior analysis. Our patented analytics solution reveals the true drive drivers of growth by separating product substitution from new money sales, incremental cross-sales and lost money attrition. Visit us at 

We appreciate your help and support!

-FMS and FlowTracker Analytics