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More and more charity fundraisers begin their voluntary sector careers by working as street fundraisers. This brings new blood into the sector and goes some way to dispel the myth that ‘chuggers’ don’t have real jobs or care about the charities they work for.

This research project has two aims.

First, we want to ‘map’ the transition from street to fundraising department to provide clear advice and guidance to anyone considering street fundraising as an entry-level job to a career in the voluntary sector.

Second, we want to raise the professional profile of street fundraisers and contribute to their recognition as fully-fledged members of the fundraising profession.

The survey is split in to four sections:
1) Your street fundraising career
2) Your post-street fundraising career in charities
3) Your career aspirations and motivations
4) The small print

There are 33 questions, but most of these are simple multiple choices asking you to select, from four or five statements, the one that best describes your career and experience.

It’s only at the end that we’ll ask you what advice you’d give to new entrants and ask you to complete a few questions using a ratings scale. All in all, we think it should only take about 10 minutes to complete the survey.

Flow Caritas – http://www.flowcaritas.co.uk – is a specialist charity recruitment agency. We aim to help you progress beyond your current role to build a successful, lasting career in the voluntary sector that matches your personal and professional values. We also specialise in recruiting fundraisers to work with charities’ in-house street teams.

No information you provide will be passed to any third party and we will only contact you in accordance with any permissions you give us in this survey.

If you would like any more information about this survey, please don't hesitate to contact me on 020 7089 2644.

Rory White
Founder and director
Flow Caritas