Dear Participant,

Researchers at Louisiana State University are conducting a survey to identify YOUR NEED FOR FLOOD-RELATED INFORMATION so we can serve you better. This survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.

1. Title of Study: Flood Information Needs
2. Performance Site: Online survey conducted by researchers at Louisiana State University
3. Contacts: Renee Edwards,, M-W, 1:30-4:30
4. Purpose: To identify participants’ needs for flood-related information
5. Participants: Climate service users at least 18 years of age
6. Benefits: The information will be used to improve flood services
7. Risks: No known risk
8. Right to Refuse: All participation is voluntary
9. Privacy: Responses are anonymous or confidential

“I understand this study and may direct questions regarding its specifics to the investigators. If I have questions about subjects' rights or other concerns, I can contact Robert C. Mathews, Chairman, LSU Institutional Review Board, (225)578-8692,, By clicking on "next", I agree to participate in this study.”