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Are you impacted by flooding in Thurston County?

High stream and river flows, high groundwater (temporary ponding) from heavy rains, and stormwater over roadways and urban areas are just a few of the sources of flooding in Thurston County that pose risks to people, property, and businesses.

Thurston County is updating its Flood Hazards Mitigation Plan. The plan will identify and prioritize long-term strategies to lessen the impacts of floods. We need to hear from residents and business owners about how flooding might affect you. The county's Flood Planning Committee wants to learn what you are doing and what you think the county should do to reduce flood hazards.

Please take a few minutes to answer the 19 questions that follow. Your participation is very important and will help shape the plan. No personal information is collected, so candid feedback is encouraged!


* 1. What Watershed do you live in (select your best answer referencing the map above)?

  Outside City Limits Inside City Limits
Black River
Budd Inlet
Chehalis River
Deschutes - Lower
Deschutes - Middle
Deschutes - Upper
Eld Inlet
Henderson Inlet
Skookumchuck River
Totten Inlet
West Capitol Forest
Outside of Thurston County

* 2. Do you live in a floodplain or area that experiences flooding?

* 3. Do you own or operate a business, or work in an area that experiences flooding?

* 4. If you live or work in an area that is subject to flooding, how severe were the impacts to your property/business from past floods (consider the worst event you experienced)?

* 5. Mark all flood impacts that you have experienced in Thurston County (select the best answer for each question).

  Yes No Not yet, but I'm concerned that more severe flooding could cause this
Required to temporarily evacuate your home
Required to temporarily close or suspend your business
Caused property damage
Disrupted normal transportation patterns