Introduction and Consent

As part of the ongoing Hazard Simplification Project, the National Weather Service (NWS) is proposing to reduce the number of (consolidate) and reformat its hazard messages (products) for Flood Watches, Warnings and Advisories (WWA) as described below.

Consolidation Portion of Proposal: 
  • [Areal] Flood Watch, [River] Flood Watch for Forecast Points, Flash Flood Watch, Coastal Flood Watch, and Lakeshore Flood Watch would be consolidated to one Flood Watch product.
    (Note - Consolidation of [Areal] Flood Watch and Flash Flood Watch has already received positive survey feedback)
  • [Areal] Flood Warning, [River] Flood Warning for Forecast Points, Coastal Flood Warning, and Lakeshore Flood Warning  would be consolidated to one Flood Warning product.
  • [Areal] Flood Advisory, [River] Flood Advisory for Forecast Points, Coastal Flood Advisory, and Lakeshore Flood Advisory would be consolidated to one Flood Advisory product.
Reformatting Portion of Proposal: We also propose modifying all consolidated Flood products into a "What", "Where", "When", "Impacts" information ordering format. This proposal has already received positive survey feedback within the [Areal] Flood products, but would now be extended to the fully consolidated products proposed in the current survey. 

In this survey you will see a series of product examples. The products as they are created today will be shown first, followed by the proposed reformatted and consolidated product examples based on the same information.

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