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Register a float for the 2020 Stratford Christmas Parade. Join in the fun and help bring a fun filled evening to our community this Christmas. Registration deadline is Friday 27 November. Theme: Santa's Workshop.

Health & Safety Requirements: 
- All floats must be decorated to an acceptable standard. Floats that are not suitably decorated may risk refusal.

- Floats must not contain anything of a sensitive or offensive nature and must depict a theme suitable for young children.

- Floats must be constructed with safety in mind. If you have people on board, they must have something to hold onto in case of sudden stops.

-  All props on board floats must be securely fastened.

- Nothing is to be thrown out from your floats (including lollies, balloons and water).

-  All floats must have 2 people to walk with their float (one on either side).

- No Santa’s on floats, there is only one Santa in the parade and this will be the last float of the parade.

- Tractors are allowed to participate in the Parade however no attachments will be allowed i.e. bailers.

- All parade entrants must comply with the Terms and Conditions as well as instruction provided on the day by event organisers.

- If float organisers are unsure if your float meets the terms and conditions required, then please contact Amy Kingston on 06 765 6099 or 027 232 0202.


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