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Welcome to the DriverFocus Fleet Safety Survey.

This free survey is a very brief health-check of your organisation's safe driving environment. It is designed to help you identify areas where your Driving for Work* policies, procedures and processes are good or need attention.

For each of the TEN questions below, simply indicate your organisation’s current position when it comes to managing fleet safety. The Survey should take you 5 - 10 minutes to complete. Your responses will be anonymised and aggregated with other respondents, solely to allow benchmarking comparisons. At no time will you or your organisation be identified, without your express permission.

* Driving for Work includes any individual, who drives any vehicle (e.g. personally-owned, company vehicle, pool or hire car), while at-work. The individual may be an employee or contractor, professional or non-professional driver, full-time or part-time, have access to a company vehicle or claim mileage. The only exception is someone who ONLY commutes to/from their normal place of work.