Hey- Bek here from the Freelance Jungle.

I’m planning to solve the most common pain points found with freelancers in a 3 day workshop. I will be operating it in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities like Brisbane, Adelaide or beyond, depending on demand.

DAY 1 biz dev & pitching & marketing without feeling like a jerk on day
DAY 2 managing difficult clients and client situations (e.g. getting paid on time etc)
DAY 3 in case of emergency - so looking at preparing against physical disasters (e.g. tech and natural disaster impacts), business disasters (e.g. social media disasters & PR issues) plus practical support like in the event of ill-health, injury & sorting things out business wise for your family in event of death.
It’ll be small group of 5 to 15 people so you can get individual attention. Plus you can pick all 3 days or whatever days suit you. Day cost is $250. All 3 days will be $600. 

The workshops will be held if there is demand, so feel free to ask for it in your regional area. 

Timing: Rough idea would be a trial would be held in Sydney or Wollongong in Oct or Nov, the rest of the cities and towns would be 2018. 

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* 1. What city/town works best for you in terms of attending?

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* 2. Which workshop days appeal to you the most?

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* 3. What's your email address so I can contact you with further info?