National Centre Five Year Strategy Survey


The National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse (the National Centre) is an independent organisation, established in October 2021 to provide national leadership on tackling child sexual abuse in Australia. ​

Our role is to increase community understanding of child sexual abuse, promote effective ways for protecting children, guide best practice responses and pathways to healing for victims and survivors, and reduce the harm child sexual abuse causes.​

Why are we doing this survey?

This survey is to gather feedback from victims and survivors, service providers, policy makers and any other interested parties about the draft five year strategy that has been developed and proposed by the National Centre. If you haven’t already, you can download and read the Draft Five Year Strategy on the website:

Who is this survey for?

The audience for the survey is broad. It can be completed by adult victims and survivors of child sexual abuse. It also can be completed by anyone who works with or in support of victims and survivors through a range of settings such as: Police and Legal, Child and Family Welfare, Child Protection, Health including Mental Health, Schools and Early Education and Care, Disability, Aged Care, General Practice, Emergency Services, Policy Makers in Government and Researchers.

Survey Structure and Approach 

The Survey is designed to be simple to complete with few questions. You can skip questions and continue to the next one or stop completing the survey at any time.

Information shared through this survey is anonymous and will only be used to inform and refine the five year strategy. 

Whilst the survey is anonymous, the National Centre invites anyone who is interested in being involved in future initiatives with the National Centre to provide their contact details at the end of the survey.