What would you like to see and do at First Night Bethlehem 2019?

First Night Bethlehem is a family friendly event held on New Year's Eve. The celebration kicks off at 6:30pm with fireworks at the Four Corners, followed by entertainment at venues all within walking distance. The event ends at 10pm. Proceeds from sales of First Night buttons are distributed to participating Bethlehem non-profits to benefit neighbors in need.

Bethlehem would like to know what types of fun and activities you would enjoy at the next First Night Bethlehem celebration. Please complete this quick, anonymous survey. Your responses will help us plan the line-up for the December 31, 2018 event.


* 1. Have you or your family attended a First Night Bethlehem Celebration?

* 2. What would be the major factor(s) in determining your attendance at First Night Bethlehem? (check all that apply)

* 3. If you have attended First Night Bethlehem, did you?

* 4. What would you like to see at First Night Bethlehem? Pick no more than 3 (Leave suggestions in other)

* 5. How did you learn about First Night Bethlehem?

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