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The First Nations Leader of the Year award recognises an exceptional Indigenous leader who has demonstrated outstanding leadership, advocacy, and service to their community and beyond. This prestigious award celebrates individuals who have significantly contributed to advancing Indigenous peoples' rights, well-being, and empowerment.

This award's recipients embody Indigenous leadership's values, including respect, integrity, humility, and a deep connection to culture and tradition. They have shown exemplary leadership in addressing Indigenous communities' complex challenges, advocating for social justice, and promoting reconciliation and healing.

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* 1. Please provide the below information on the Nominee:

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The nominee is dedicated to First Nations rights, interests, and well-being. Their goal is to conserve Indigenous cultures, languages, and traditions.

This nominee promotes reconciliation, constructive connections, and structural change for First Nations.

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* 3. PLAN
The nominee has a clear plan to advocate for First Nations and drive positive change. They have developed specific goals and objectives to address key challenges and opportunities facing Indigenous communities.

The nominee's plan includes collaborative approaches, partnerships, and engagement with Indigenous communities and stakeholders.

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The nominee takes proactive steps to implement their vision and strategy, demonstrating leadership and initiative. They advocate for First Nations rights and interests through various channels, including government, organisations, and community initiatives.

The nominee actively engages with Indigenous communities, elders, leaders, and organisations to understand their needs and priorities.

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The nominee creates tangible benefits for First Nations communities. They empower Indigenous peoples and promote resilience and self-determination. Education, health, economic development, and cultural renewal improve under the candidate.

They are recognised and respected as a leader and advocate within the Indigenous community and broader society.

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