Feedback Survey

* 1. Now that the NZ taxi regulations have changed, does the Christchurch taxi industry need to make changes to our business model in order to compete with ridesharing?

* 2. Ridesharing cars are discounting fares making them cheaper than taxis. Taxis need to compete and match, or better these discounted fares?

* 3. If we discount our fares to compete then our costs have to decrease and/or our number of jobs has to increase if we are to remain viable?

* 4. The safety and the standards of our cars and our drivers are now more important than ever?

* 5. Marketing our taxi business to customers needs to move into customer space, and leverage social media and cloud-based marketing tools?

* 6. Taxis need to keep using the taxi dome light as a means of identifying  a taxi service?

* 7. Combining taxis and ridesharing business models is an effective way to grow our share market?

* 8. Moving to a royalty model is a better approach than the existing levy and factoring model?

* 9. I think the proposed UzaCab fare structure is good?

* 10. I understand the importance of an electronic meter linked to dispatch when reporting on all account and TMV work?

* 11. I feel the performance criteria needs to be adjusted to account for actual service levels provided to customers (i.e. pickup time)?

* 12. I support the recent move to weekly payment (First Direct to car)?

* 13. I like the proposed new First Direct Livery?

* 14. The new Smartmove dispatch system has helped me to improve my taxi business?

* 15. Have you seen our UzaCab website ?