Information Sheet and Informed Consent Form

Dear participant,

You are invited to take part in a survey carried out as part of the H2020 EU funded FirEUrisk research project.  

Before you decide to participate in the present survey, please, be informed of the following details and, if you wish, consent to your participation.

What is the FirEUrisk research project about?
FirEUrisk intends to develop, evaluate and disseminate a science-based integrated strategy to: 1) expand current wildland fire risk assessment systems, including critical factors of risk previously not covered; 2) produce effective measures to reduce current fire risk conditions, and 3) adapting management strategies to expected future climate and socioeconomic changes. This will be achieved in close collaboration between researchers, stakeholders and citizens, integrating novel technologies, guidelines and policy recommendations to improve current systems and practices from regional to EU scales.
This survey is developed in the context of  Activity 1.1.3 "Human ignition drivers & Public participation in fire prevention and preparedness" of the FirEUrisk project (Activity Leader: Universidad de Alcala - Spain), which will develop a framework for a citizen-science approach to the analysis of actors’ and stakeholders’ perceptions of causes and impacts of large fires through analysis of public attitudes and perceptions, by means of a dedicated survey as well as by participatory workshops. A prototype mobile application will be developed to help improve fire risk awareness in fire prone areas.

How long is the whole FirEUrisk research project likely to last?
The duration of the project is 48 months.

What will you need to do?
For the purposes of the current research activity you are asked to participate in this on-line survey. This survey is aimed at gathering explorative data around perception of Human Ignition Drivers and Fire risk among citizens. The survey is aimed at gathering data useful for the design of a prototype mobile application to help improve fire risk awareness in fire prone areas. 
No personal data will be collected.

How will this take place?
This research activity will take place on-line.

How often will you have to take part, and for how long?
You will take part once. The survey consists mainly of closed questions and will only take around 15 minutes to complete.

Could you be contacted at a later stage of the project?
How will the FirEUrisk Consortium use what they find out?
No personal data will be collected. However, for the purposes of this survey, some data that are collected (i.e., gender, age, municipality of residence, nationality, educational qualification, occupation) might lead, albeit indirectly (through processing and association with other data), to the identification of the respondent. Within this project, data will be analyzed only in aggregate form and will never be associated with identified data subjects. In no way and for no reason operations that allow the identification of the respondent will be carried out.

The information you will provide is solely for the purpose of this study, and specifically for the purpose of Activity 1.1.3.

How will the FirEUrisk Consortium deal with incidental findings?
An incidental findings policy exists and is included in the project’s ethics framework.
No incidental findings are anticipated within this survey.

How can you find out about the results of the study?

The results of the survey will be reported by the Activity leader in the context of Deliverable D1.3 of the FirEUrisk project. The Deliverable will be published on the project website (

What if you do not wish to take part or if you change your mind during the study?
Your participation in the survey is completely voluntary and anonymous, and you can choose to stop participating at any time, without consequences.

Are there any foreseeable risks, discomfort or disadvantages that might ensue?
There are no foreseeable risks, discomfort or disadvantages. 

Who is the contact person?
If you have any questions about the study and the use of the information you provided within the framework of this study, please contact the FirEUrisk responsible partner for this survey: ISIG - Ramona Velea – and ISIG appointed ethics responsible: Marina Andeva –

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* 1. Do you agree to take part to this survey?

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