100% of survey complete.

* 1. Please think how you learned this section. What did you find to be helpful? Please tick all that apply.

* 2. Please list the top 5 concepts that you learned in this module.

* 3. Explain the concept of a "bound vortex" and then a "lifting line". How high should the aspect ratio be before you can reasonably represent a wing using a single lifting line?

* 4. Explain as to a 6th grader, the vortex system of a finite wing (a) in steady flight and (b) shortly after a sudden change in angle of attack

* 5. How is the vortex sheet strength at a spanwise location downstream of a finite wing, related to the bound vortex circulation on the wing?

* 6. Given that the bound vortex strength depends on the lift coefficient, which depends on the effective angle of attack,which depends on the induced angle of attack, which depends on the wake vortex strength, which depends on the bound vortex strength, how do you solve for the bound vortex strength?

* 7. What is the "fundamental equation of lifting line theory"

* 8. Why does it make sense to transform coordinates from spanwise distance to the angle theta to solve the equation of lifting line theory?

* 9. How do you prove that the "best" spanwise distribution of bound circulation is an elliptic distribution?

* 10. Why is the lifting line theory as covered in your notes, not adequate to deal with highly swept wings?