Finding Your Flow Survey

Thank you for agreeing to participate in this survey. The purpose of this survey is to identify if and how you enter into “flow” or “the zone.”

If you have not heard of these words or concepts, let us describe the experience for you. Read the descriptions below and decide if you have ever had an experience like this:

“My mind wasn’t wandering. I was not thinking of something else. I was totally involved in what I was doing. My body felt good. I didn’t seem to hear anything. The world seemed to be cut off from me. I was less aware of my problems and myself.”

“My concentration was like breathing. I never thought of it. I was really quite oblivious to my surroundings after I really got going. I thought that the phone could ring, and the doorbell could ring, or the house could burn down or something like that. When I started, I really did shut out the whole world. Once I stopped, I could let it back in again.”

“I was so involved in what I was doing. I didn’t see myself as separate from what I was doing.”
(Taken from Csikszentmihalyi & Csikszentmihalyi, Optimal Experience, 1988. (pp. 139-140)

Additional words or phrases that describe flow might be:

• In the groove
• In the zone
• Effortless
• Total absorption
• Positive moods
• Interested in the activity for its own sake
• Losing yourself or being totally engrossed in the experience

Through this survey we would like to ask you several questions about your experience(s) with flow—even your strategies for replicating this experience in some or many arenas of your life.

Given your willingness to share your flow experiences and strategies, we will be asking you several questions that will help you think deeper about these experiences as well as your process or processes for replicating these experiences.

I thank you for your willingness to participate in this study and hope it will be an educational experience for you.

Let us begin.

Question Title

* 1. Tell us about yourself

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* 2. Prior to this survey had you ever heard of the concept known as “FLOW” or being “in the zone?

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* 3. Have you ever had an experience as explained in the descriptions above?

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* 4. Can you describe one or more Meaningful Life Arenas (i.e., sports, school, social settings, hobbies, etc…) where you currently experience flow? In essence, in what circumstances or in what activities do you find yourself in flow?

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* 5. I'd like to hear about your most recent or memorable flow experience. Please describe it as clearly and with as much detail as you can.

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* 6. Within these life arenas can you rate the percentage of your flow experiences that take place when you are alone?

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* 7. Within these life arenas can you rate the percentage of your flow experiences that take place when you are with others?

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* 8. Currently, can you estimate how often you enter flow?

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* 9. Currently, how short or long do you perceive your typical flow experience to last?

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* 10. Please complete the following sentence (answer as many times as you wish. For example: "When I am in flow, I feel completely absorbed in the moment.")

When I am flow...

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* 11. After experiencing flow, do you feel that...

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* 12. How do your current flow experiences typically get started? Or, what was taking place prior to your flow experiences?

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* 13. Currently, what keeps flow going once it starts?

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* 14. Currently, what types of things take you out of your flow?

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* 15. Given your flow experiences, do you feel that you have developed any personal strategies or ways that help you get into your flow?

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* 16. In the following boxes, please list and discuss these current strategies.

In Box A, please identify the strategy. For example, do you use goal-setting, visualization, meditation, self-talk, focus, music, etc…

In Box B, give as much detail as you can about each strategy that you use. Describe how you go about or “do” each strategy.

In Box C, please tell us how you came up with these strategies (chance, trial & error, learned it from someone, life experience, etc…).

Thank you for taking the Finding Your Flow survey. We hope that this survey helps you dive deeper into your flow experiences while giving you new and important insights about Finding Your Flow in the future.

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Thank you for your participation in the Finding Your Flow survey.


Bruce H. Jackson, Ph.D., MBA/MPA

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